Saturday, March 26, 2011

Puisi: Trafalgar Square

Puisi ini dicipta pada tahun 2002, bagi mengenang pertama kali menjejak kaki di bumi England di awal tahun 1990'an. Seperti suatu 'Deja-Vu' ketika sampai ke Trafalgar Square........


Di Trafalgar Square malam itu
Cuaca sungguh dingin
Bayu November menghembus perlahan-lahan mengena keseluruh tubuhku
Aku peluk erat-erat tubuh muda ini
Agar kedinginannya tidak terlalu menggigit

Di Trafalgar Square aku bersujud kaku
Buat pertama kalinya aku mengenjak kaki di bumi Inggeris
Ini rupanya Trafalgar Square yang terkenal itu
Dan mungkin juga aku pernah ke sini suatu ketika lama dulu
Kerana kerinduan ini begitu memuncak-muncak

Di Trafalgar Square aku memerhatikan pancuran air
Yang keluar dari tengah-tengah kolam buatan
Yang di atasnya berdiri megah patung Jenderal Nelson
Menjadi mercu tanda kemenangan ke atas Napoleon
Dan kini menjadi pusat tumpuan kota London

Di Trafalgar Square aku teringatkan insan yang tercinta
Alangkah romantiknya jika dia dapat bersama
Mengecapi malam indah bersama bintang di langit
Sambil untaian kasih bersilih ganti diucapkan
Dan pastinya kisah cinta kami terpahat di atas kerusi batu itu
Di Trafalgar Square hatiku mula berdetik
Betapa sayunya kota ini akan kutinggalkan sebentar lagi
Kunjunganku hanya beberapa minit sahaja
Namun meninggalkan kesan yang amat mendalam
Dan kerinduan ini masih belum terubat

Di Trafalgar Square aku menunggu bas terakhir
Berwarna merah, dua tingkat dengan penumpang yang sedikit, untuk pulang
Ku pandang panoramamu dari jauh, begitu syahdu untukku tinggalkan
Janjiku padamu Trafalgar Square, akan ku kunjungimu lagi
Jika bukan waktu terdekat, mungkin seratus tahun lagi

Aku pasti kau tetap di situ menantiku….

Rush Murad
Johor Bahru, 14 Mei 2002


Sunday, March 13, 2011

If You Are Melayu.....Wake-Up!!!!

A comment from one Encik AHMAD BADRI on chedetblog's Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

Dear Tun,

Please allow me to address those Malaysians who are still questioning the Malays. It's best for those who keep barking on the Malays to face some hard truths.

The Europeans, who right are now facing migration problems, had learnt the lessons well from Malaysia. Obviously all other countries who had introduced strict migration laws have learnt from the Malaysian race relations problems. The lessons learnt are obvious to all:

1. The first generation migrants are good hardworking people, usually coming from very or severely depressed economic background, or politically repressive environment, or from cultural systems that divide the social status into various grades.

2. The second generation migrants get quite assimilated or integrated into the mainstream depending on the cultural and economic dominance of the mainstream natives.

3. The third generation migrants will begin questioning and demanding their rights and privileges as citizens. This becomes obvious when the descendents of the migrants had become economically more advanced. They now become more vocal, and most often are no longer grateful or thankful to the mainstream natives. In some instances they even teach their children to start hating the natives, or to label the natives as lazy, unintelligent and all the negative traits.

4. We have seen the dire consequences in Uganda and Fiji. The civil riots of May 13th. 1969 in Malaysia is another example. Recently, we had seen racial riots in Indonesia and The Philippines, again between the natives and the migrant race. These incidences clearly show that problems of race relations will always be there in racially mixed societies. Even new found countries (e.g. USA, Australia, New Zealand) have imposed strict migratory laws, especially targeted to Asians (read : Chinese, Vietnamese and Indians) even though the dominant mainstream were descendents of migrants themselves. If you had lived long enough in Europe, USA or Australia you can “feel” the racism and prejudice in one way or another.

Malaysia, in my opinion is now facing serious racial problems. The Chinese and Indians are demanding more “rights” for themselves, and to eliminate all “rights and privileges” of the natives. They no longer want to be referred to as the “migrant race” and want to be treated as "equal". The Malays, on the other hand had just woke up from sleep and realized they had lost most of what they used to take for granted. The Malays had for a long time this “tidak apa” attitude, always being too passive, ever obedient to and over-trusting their political leaders, and in some cases hindered by the this problem of inferiority complex. We are always told by the political leaders to be compromising, to the point when much had been given away and lost, the Malays start to wonder what’s to become of us? Are we to be fated the same way as the Native American Indians? The Maoris? The Mayas, The Incas? What’s to become of this once very proud race ? Lee Kwan Yew tried to kill the Malay race, and he successfully did that in Singapore. Through DAP and through some people in MCA and Gerakan the ongoing efforts are very obvious. Then Hindraf came barking demanding even more. Now these people are even telling us to forget anything Malay, including the original name of this Peninsular Malaysia. I and many others can’t swallow this anymore.

I can’t think of any more Malay rights and privileges that can be surrendered other than the few we Malays have left:

1. Abandon the “Malay race” in place of Malaysian race

2. Abandon the Malay language and culture for a modified “Malaysian language and culture” that fits into the definitive Malaysian one

3. Abandon the term “Bumiputra”

4. Abandon all Malay reserve lands

5. Abandon the Malay Sultanate

To those who want the above, I have to remind you what we native Malays have surrendered :

1. Easy citizenships to all migrants pre-Merdeka, courtesy of Tunku Abdul Rahman (who did not necessarily represent the consent of all the Malays then, truth be told)

2. Land and property ownership (does not happen everywhere)

3. Political rights, rights to establish ethnic schools (Chinese and Indian schools), rights to cultural or religious temples, holidays and celebrations (does not happen everywhere)

4. The name of my country from Persekutuan Tanah Melayu changed to Malaysia

5. Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia

To those of you who want to eliminate us. put yourself in our position. When we lose practically everything that defines our very existence, our identity, everything that we can be proud of as a race, how are we supposed to take it? Now you are telling us we can’t even talk about anything “Malay”, and if we do then you call us racists?

Now you are telling us that we are also migrants? If you move from Shanghai to Beijing, are you a migrant? If you move from Acheh to Jawa or Melaka are you a migrant? If you move from Mumbai to Chennai are you a migrant? Now you want us to rewrite our history to fit your agenda? So what if we were of various origins – Javanese, Sumatrans, Bugis, Pattani, or what, are there no such ethnic Chinese groups of Hokkiens, Hakkas, Cantonese, Teochew, Hainan, Foochows etc? or Tamils, Malayalam, Gujaratis, Punjabis etc? Even among the Italians there are Italians of various origins. There are Malays in England, in South Africa, in Sri Langka, and yes they migrated there. But Tanah Melayu is their motherland.

Now you are asking us to abandon our racial identity because you are in a position to make demands, because you are economically very powerful, because you can corrupt our politicians. You wont get all these if we Malays are not a tolerant people. We Malays had been very patient, and forbearing, and we are obedient to our Malay rulers. We were always nice to the early Chinese and Indians who came here whom we mistakenly regarded as guests and visitors. We had helped your great grand parents when they arrived here penniless from China and India. We Malays gave them food, we gave them land and helped them to have a better life here than in their motherland. We Malays are a kind people. These are our inborn traits, and we are proud of that. We may have some weaknesses, especially in business and trading or making money for which the Chinese, Indians and Jews are definitely better. You can go ahead and enrich yourself. But we too come from deep rooted civilizations for thousands of years in this part of the world. We too have a long history. We are proud to be Malays. That no one can ever forcefully take from us.

If we Malays are now supporting Perkasa or any other Malay organizations, it is because our very existence as a race is being threatened by the demands of DAP, Gerakan and MCA and their sickening leaders. There are some Malays whom we consider as traitors to the Malay race, Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim and Nazri Aziz being the best examples. Some will also include that monk from the East coast. But these are political animals who are sensing their political targets.

Please understand one thing. You can never eliminate us the Malays from this Malay land. Go ahead call me a racist. You who want to eliminate us are murderers.

Click here to chedetblog. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's Blog.

"One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind."
Malay Proverb

An additional comment from Encik AHMAD BADRI to the second entry on Semenanjung Tanah Melayu 2 by chedetblog.

Dear Tun,
If we Malays surrender the few rights and special privileges we have left, the following scerenios are deemed likely:
1. The Malays (the genuine, true blooded Malays, discounting those in PKR, Nazri Aziz, Zaid Ibrahim, and beware of your back-Anwar, and blind followers of the east coast monk) will rebel. We will have another Egypt or Libya here in Tanah Melayu.
2. Malays with money and education will migrate elsewhere to avoid facing deep frustrations and misery of losing all racial identity, and abandon all hope of returning to the country of their origin.
3. Malays will eventually become beggars in their own motherland, because there is no way Malays can ever be at par, economically, with the Chinese, while the Indians (historically) will side with the stronger force.
4. The Malay sultanate will become irrelevant, and there is no more reason to have them around.
Even though I have not yet joined Perkasa, I wish to reiterate the following:
1. Our Malay special rights and privileges are not to be negotiated. We have already done that pre-Merdeka, which is already bad enough for us. No more negotiation. We can’t negotiate with those who have economic advantage, plus we don’t trust our political leaders, who can be easily bought over by the Chinese money.
2. We want the name of Peninsular Malaysia be returned to its original name, namely Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and the national language to be referred to its real and original name, Bahasa Melayu, and KTM to Keretapi Tanah Melayu, and TNB to Lembaga Letrik Negara Tanah Melayu.
3. All Malay Reserve lands that had been degazetted by the corrupt politicians be now replaced by equally as much new Malay Reserve land, and protected state forest reserves to be gazetted as Permanent Bumiputra Forest Reserves to be used solely for the benefits of Malays and Orang Asli only.
4. Bring back Bank Bumiputra, which is supposed to help the Bumiputras. There is no bank in this country that cares for the Bumiputras.
5. Only Malays (and by definition, Muslims) can be the Prime Minister
6. To amend the Constitution so that (a) nobody, and nobody, can ever take away our Malay rights and privileges, (b) the Malay Sultanate be retained forever, unless they break their very original oath to take care of the Malays, and only the Malays can have the right to abolish the Malay sultanate, if and when that becomes necessary.

But why in the hell do we need to surrender our rights and privileges just because we need to please the Chinese and Indians? These people (not all of them, I’ll say) can’t be bothered about assimilation or integration with the Malay mainstream natives. They don’t even respect us. They can’t even bother to learn to speak Malay properly, or respect our mosques, and respect the Malay sultans, or our cultural way of life. But those who migrate to England and Australia speak English like the native English. But here in Malaysia they want to impose their value system, their cultural strength, their economic dominance at the expense of our heritage and God given legacy. In other words they want to eliminate us. We Malays can’t surrender and will never surrender any more than we have already given away. Full stop.