Friday, June 18, 2010

Moment of Truth: Last Day In Miri, Sarawak

Friday, 18 June 2010, 6.35am. Marriot Spa & Resort, Miri. Room 1210. I'm blogging from my final place of 'hibernation' in Miri. Today is my last day in Miri, Sarawak on north of Malaysia's Borneo island after spending almost 5 years working for Shell Exploration & Production. I've been waiting for this day since early last year, but things does not work well for me at that time. I still remembered my arrival day in Miri, a day after Christmas 2005. A night before, I had a private dinner at my Godmother's place, few close friends were there and the dinner lasted very late until passed midnight. The late Sultan of Johor were there too, and I clearly remembered one question he asked me after a friend told His Royal Highness that I'm moving to Sarawak to take-up a new job, "Apa di Johor ni sudah tidak ada kerja lagi ke?". I had bitter smiles all over my face!
I was greeted by my fellow Uni-mate Esmi Yusri on my arrival at Miri Airport. This was my second landing at Miri after the first was coupler of months back for the interview. I was sent direct to Grand Palace Hotel where I stayed for a month while settling-down chores and ecetera. I'll write more on my experiences while working and living in Miri, just to give way for this particular entry to talk about my last day.
My last teh tarik session at my favourite kopitiam outlet. From left; Yakie, Suhai the fashionitas lawyer, Zoul the IT geek wannabe, Da'a with the anak ikan look, Amal the kakak tiri type, Nikli the invisible Miri dweller, Zara the cute little lawyer and Tyah or Ruby the very sweet and nice lady who can cook good food.
For the last few days, I've been chasing so many people, up and down, high and low. Very hectic and sometimes frustrating. I need to settle all the necessaries before I left the Company and the city as well. All my personal effects have been professionally packed and sealed in a 20 footer container, ready to be shipped back to Johor Bahru before it will continue the journey to a country in Middle East in a different container. A quite interesting story happened while the workers from Allied Pickfords try to clean the left over boxes from around the house's patio. The workers found three Siamese kittens playing quietly inside one of the boxes. We were amazed because since the day before we don't hear any sounds and see any cats around. One of the workers took back the kittens, and I promptly told him to name the ash-white male with blue eyes kitten 'Rush'.
From left: Diana Tan-Jihem is my big sister and more, Chong, Laura Goh, Phillip Lim, Yvonne Ho, Soo San, Catherine Paya, Miss Thiam and my ladyboss Zaliha.
It was drizzling quite heavily that afternoon. I had to return the house's keys to one Mr. Lee, and later catch-up with friends who already waited for me at Kaya & Toast. Mr. Lee was in a rush, so he didn't really doing thorough check on the house. Eearlier that day, I've settled all the utilities bills and even went back to the Company's office in Lutong for the final clearance with HR. I stumbled upon Hisham, and we had Teh Tarik with Mee Goreng Mamak at Taj Restaurant. One of the staff there by the name of Mahmud who is really close to me since my first week at Lutong, grabbed my hand and hugs me tightly. He suddenly whispering "Awak tidak rindu sama saya kah?". I'm sure that I'm going to miss this friendly gentleman too.
After the meeting with friends at Kaya & Toast, I rushed through the wet road to Zaika Restaurant to meet my office colleagues. All of them were already there when I arrived. I love Zaika's food, authentic northern Indian cuisine. It reminds me of my trip to India, especially the unforgettable Jaipur. We had a good laugh during dinner, everybody seems very relax but attentive with the conversation especially on my 'tales' and life experiences. Thanks so much to all of you!
From left: Haizul the man behind the mask, Me, Nurul the petite but garang, Along the motherly type single lady and Balqiz the rocker/punk/pengkid look lady.
It was almost 11pm when I received SMS from Yakie saying that some friends have been waiting for me since 9pm. Haizul fetched me at Zaika to another favourite eating place of mine - Sembang-Sembang Cafe. They done with their dinner and I just had Teh Tarik Quasar which I can only find at this particular cafe, Teh Tarik with ginger powder. A very short session though as all of them already sleepy and promised to meet me again at the airport the next morning.
This photo are taken a few hours before my depature at Miri Airport. Thanks for coming and sent me-off. I'm just lost words to describe my feeling at that time, so we just had plain conversations, nothing much on the 'goodbye' or 'crying' part. As I have mentioned earlier, I've been waiting for this moment to become reality since early last year, I've lost the momentum, I've lost the excitement and I've lost all the speeches.....Only one word keep appears in my mind - "Alhamdulillah" - I'm so grateful for the moment, I'm so grateful for the friendships and bond I've made with the people in Miri, I'm so grateful for the opportunities given and a million thank you to all of You!!! Till we meet again...Take care. Wassalam.....