Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Slippery Senorita's Conversations

Slippery Senoritas

Another great dinner last night! This time I’m headed to a newly opened Slippery Senoritas, a totally adorable, renovated in Spanish style deco fine dining restaurant in the middle…of nowhere. They serve western cuisines, typical Italian cuisines and fine wines. We were seated at the back Parlor. It was simply charming with artistic flower motif chandelier, huge Greek pillar, an Italian marble fountain and Gypsy King’s songs!. I badly in need of brewed coffee, unfortunately they dont serve coffee at the moment (the machine hasn't arrived). So I opted for sky juice instead, Wild Mushroom Cream Soup as the starter and Stuffed Lamb with caramelized red wine sauce and the rest are having so many things with Italian names on it.

We talked about our travel experiences and me ended-up by telling them my own bad experience while travelling from Bali to Surabaya by bus. It was in 2003 when our tourist bus thumped by a tanker. The spurt coils from the passenger seats, the lying corpses, the Korean ambulance, the first class hospital in Surabaya, the ripped anuses and balls, the cuckoos friends and the abrasive interrogation at the airport.

I still need to drink some coffee tonight, so some of us landed at Al-Fresco. I drank 2 big glasses of hot Café latte, the coffee are so invigorating and délicieux. And we continue to chat on so many topics, especially on sex orientation and practices. Rollie and Noni were talking about Brokeback Mountain’s picturesque but sympathetic (pathetic?) characters (especially the attractive sin-doer hubbies). Fedellia is still talking about the ‘ spurted coil’ incident and the ripped anuses in Bali, Anwar with his plan trip to Cape Town and Eastern Europe. Faizal seems interested to join for the September’s Bali trip. I indulge in my own world with my hard to find Malboro light menthol cigarettes and Café Latte and keep posting questions to Sylvia and Rollie ‘what to do in Bario?’ Any campfire? Any sheep? Any river with clear water for fishing? Any horse riding activity? Any Kelabit cowboy around???

Monday, March 27, 2006

Le pique-nique au Cap de Trou

Picnic At Tanjung Lobang 3

Well, I've decided to write in French this time, I dont know why although my French is not perfect at all. Im not good in any language though, grammar mistakes eveywhere along the sentences even if I write in my own mother-tongue language - Bahasa Melayu!. But at least I can understand few languages....emmmm.... let see.... 8 languages? Merasalah baca dalam bahasa Peranchis......

J'ai décidé d'écrire le blog dans le français au lieu de la langue Malay ordinaire ou de la langue anglaise, bien que mon français ne soit pas parfait. Ici nous sommes, dans 'Tanjung Lobang' ou Cap de Trou (qu'un nom, tout à fait étrange ?) samedi dernier. Il y avait environ 20 d'entre nous, tous sont venus de la même compagnie, Shell EPA. Je suis arrivé autour de 9.30am et toujours pas beaucoup de personnes sont arrivées et j'ai cru que je suis déjà en retard parce que nous avons promis d'être là par 8.00am!

Sylvia (de 'Rumah Tumpangan Sabul') a apporté beaucoup d'aliments, ailes de poulet, steak d'agneau, saucisses, la patate etc. Nous jouons au volley-ball de plage, Scrabbles et 'l'UNO'. Certains dorment sous les pins, certains mangent sans arrêt .... oh! oui, j'ai apporté quelques nouilles frites 'Bihun Goreng' aussi.

J'ai rencontré certaines nouvelles personnes, ils sont tous très sympathiques et certains sont bizarres aussi. Nous avons vraiment apprécié le jour, la détente, le bavardage, en mangeant et plus. L'espoir nous pouvons arranger quelque chose comme cela de nouveau dans l'avenir. J'ai entendu dire que Rollie (de 'Rumah Tumpangan Sabul') a projeté d'aller à BARIO - pays montagneux, pendant les longues vacances. Ikmal, Tariq (visiteur de 'Rumah Tumpangan Sabul') et Sylvia la rejoignent pour le voyage. Anwar (propriétaire de 'Rumah Tumpangan Sabul' ) en discutant aussi du départ à Bali aussi, semble très intéressant effectivement. Nous verrons alors.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Futsal Oh! Futsal......


Dah banyak kali aku bilang kat Zafran, aku tak leh main futsal, futsal or football is not my sport. Since school days, aku cuma main hoki dan olahraga, especially lompat tinggi, lompat jauh (aku memang suka main lompat-lompat, thats why la agaknya aku nyer 'labuh' sikit - figure it out!) dan sprint. Ni kali kedua aku ikut diorang pi main futsal kat padang depan ofis ni, dalam hati nak juga join but again.... Im not into this sport, setakat tengok ok lah, kalau tengok kat tv tu pun aku pilih which team yg main, kalau English Premier League tu memang ler aku minat especially kalau my favourite team Manchester United ada, and of course Spanish Liga dan Italian A Series.

Sambil tu sempat juga aku jengah-jengah kat bangsal belakang, ada group main Volleyball, macam ok jer sebab main volley ni kena lompat-lompat juga (lompat lagi!), so on the way balik aku tanya ler kat minah ni, "which day you normally having volleyball session? can I join you all guys? the more the merrier...", dan minah ni pun kata 'yes, you can join us on Mondays, Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays, the more the merrier..". So, sekarang aku dah ada aktiviti baru kat Miri ni, Isnin aku jadi spectator Futsal, Selasa malam pi Salsa dancing class, Rabu aku main Volleyball, Khamis still vacant - maybe aku nak join bebudak masjid (ala-ala Rakan Masjid, ada lagi ke program tu?), Jumaat ada Volleyball lagi dan malamnya ada Ballroom dance class dengan uncle Wong ( I tell you, uncle Wong punya jambul still tak berubah since 45 tahun dulu and badan dia still 'melentik' - ahakssss...). Sabtu dan Ahad ad-hoc activities as usual - house chores, Cherrie Berries, Thai Bar, pasar tamu kat Saberkas, 'golek-golek' atas katil etc......


Kelmarin tetiba aku tak leh nak tidur, so tengoklah sport channel pasal Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006 (click to the official homepage). Ada Lawn Bowls, dah lama memang aku nak tau macam mana diorang ni main Lawn Bowls. Match between Malaysia and Australia, Women's Triples final. Memang interesting, almost 2 hours baru selesai and by the time selesai, aku dah tau most of the rules dan cara-cara nak main Lawn Bowls. Aku rasa macam boleh jer coz aku memang dah biasa main Bowling. Sampai bawa ke dalam mimpi yang aku represents Malaysia dalam Olympic Games..... who knows someday, and aku try to contact persatuan Lawn Bowls, try to arrange something.... anyway, congratulations to Malaysian team yang menang Gold hari tu, bangga sesangattttt.........

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BlueGinger's Lamb Shank

BlueGinger's Lamb Shank

It was Diana's birthday yesterday and she invited me to join her friends for some decent dinner at BlueGinger Restaurant, Brighton Road (along ParkCity Everly Hotel). Petite but beaute restaurant serving delicious Western foods and fine wine. I had a huge Lamb Shank with fresh salads and vegetables, the sauce is quite different from the famous and award winning Secret Recipe's Lamb Shank. Very light and less herbs or spices I would say, thats urging me to ask for some fresh blackpepper flakes. We also ordered buttery and sweet steamed pumpkin sprinkled with fine and tiny herbs on top. I've never tasted such a sweet pumpkin like this one before, and they said one can only find it in Miri. I also had Chocolate Mousse for my dessert, a very creamy and smooth yet simple mousse decorated with a chocolate stick. We really had a good and fun chat. This is my first time meeting her close buddies, Jenny and Sam - really nice people and they are so hillarious indeed! (suddenly I miss my fun-buddies back in JB - Zara Al-Juneid, Feisal Al-Kaff, Sis Judy & Abg Lan, Dr. Raja Amin and Karlina, Raden Adjeng Gusti Putri 'A' and of course HRH Tunku 'S'). Our colleague from Phillipines, Kail Kalalo was also there with her Pinoy friend - Loke. Nice windy weather and lovely atmosphere. Thanks Diana!!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Up! Up! An Away Day.....

Up! Up! An Away Day.....

To write or not to write?..... write? no! write! no? no? no! but the pics have been uploaded on the blog without any caption or story to go with, pathetic! To write or not to write???!!! Thats really shows my state of mind at the moment although I look so calm and 'mess-free' most of today. My department holds a one-day programme called 'IM Away Day' at Eastwood Valley Golf Club, 5 km from Miri city on last Friday. It was a company programme with the idea to have a brief but crucial discussions on certain area or topic and to gather all of team members in a different environment. All of us were given a light blue denim shirt (American Inmate Work Shirt - Prisoner's uniform?) with company logo and a slogan at the back "Information Management Is Everybody's Business". Its a NO STRESS programme, as an evidence one can see from their facial expressions.


Sunday should be a relaxing day for me plus some interesting activities, yes it was but with this huge distractions around my head. I keep thinking why 'that person' lied to me about going to Singapore, about watching the Brokeback Mountain, about across the border alone, about dating somebody else which I knew. It hurts me deep inside, I just can't tolerate with my own feelings, tried very hard to swallow all the confuses and pains but its still stuck there, even in my dream, that bad huhhhh????? Only God knows.

Kadangkala kita menjadi risau tentang perkara yang remeh-temeh, kadangkala kita tidak begitu risau mengenai perkara penting dan serius. Tapi kali ni lain, lain dari diri aku yang selalunya. Aku suka ambil buat tak kisah selalunya, 'kau nak jadi apa, jadilah', 'kau nak temberang kat aku, suka hati kaulah!'... memang aku tak kisah sangat kalau orang nak kelentong kat aku, but this time is different. "eh kau tau tak, si anu tu nak pi tengok movie kat Singapore dengan si Sudesh, tapi Sudesh tak nak pi"... "kelmarin dia kata nak pi Singapore sorang-sorang, saja nak jalan-jalan tengok movie, tak de cakap nak pi dengan sesiapa pun, puas aku tanya, nak pi dengan siapa, dia kata I'm going alone". That's really fishy isn't it?.... all these while dia selalu communicating dengan budak India ni, apa motif? Aku ingatkan dia dah delete phone number mamat ni. Aku tak nak buat apa-apa spekulasi, nanti kata aku ni jahat, nanti kata aku ni buruk sangka, nanti kata aku ni 'macam-macam'. Aku malas nak pick-up calls dia, still not in the mood to talk, aku tak boleh berdepan dengan situasi macam ni, aku takut hilang control, nanti aku tetiba sembur macam-macam perkataan yang tak baik, things will get ugly then. Aku nak biarkan masalah ni pergi macam tu jer, aku tak nak bincang, tak nak bertegang urat, tak nak bersemuka... dan kalau boleh aku jugak mahu dia 'pergi macam tu jer'. Tetiba aku teringat pesan Ustaz, jangan sesekali putuskan ikatan silaturrahim sesama manusia... aku akur, ikatan silaturrahim takan putus, tapi ikatan kasih dan sayang tu, aku tak jamin, aku tak janji. Aku frust? yes, memang aku kecewa.......teramat sangat, walau apapun alasan yang akan dia beri. Sepertimana yang selalu dia ucapkan kat aku "tau tak per!". So aku harap kali ni dia betul-betul "tau" sebab aku benar-benar dah "tak per!".

Friday, March 03, 2006

Things On My Wrist And Fingers

Rush Essentials
Originally uploaded by rushmurad.

Last night I was searching for my SWATCH as I have not seen it since I got back from JB, my lazy mind thought I've misplaced the SWATCH at my parents place. But somehow, I still went to search in my luggage compartments, can't find, then moved to the chest drawer set, 4 drawers altogether, still can't find! I began to panicking. The last place that I would keep those things is in the wooden carved jewellery box which I bought from a kind and handsome Pakistani merchants. Tadaaaa.... yes, its there with his friends and rivals. Then, I began to sit down and touch all of them "oh! my precious accessories, precious timepieces, precious stones...bla...bla....bla....

I gathered all of them and placed on my new quilt cover which I recently bought from Aussino, a turquois coloured cotton with peacock feather patent embroided. The same day I bought a bottle of perfume, Ralph Laurent Romance Silver. It has spicy, musky and fresh fragrance, very sexy, modern and masculine - just like me!. Back to my SWATCH, I bought it 2 years ago at KLCC, it is from the Irony, Diaphane Chrono series called Power Injection. Phillipe Charriol is my ever favourite formal function watch, that I bought in Europe for more than USD$1K, 10 years ago. It has black calfleather bracelet with gold clip. My engagement's (I was engaged? yes... it was history now) watch is this Tissot all metal, big and simple. And I wear this watch almost everyday to the office. Next is a designer watch from Pierre Balman, my first lover gave this watch as a birthday present on my 23rd birthday (thanks sayang, will always love you). It is from Pierre Balman's Haute Elegance series, has an Arabisque design on the centre and blue sapphire stone attached to the dial. I really love the brown coloured crocodile patent leather strap of my Cezanne's square watch. Bought this watch in Paris sometime ago, and it is still functioning and the gold plated body still shinning.

From the picture one can also see some rings, the white gold Zirconia ring on the perfume bottle is from Tiffany & Co, bought in Singapore 3 years ago on my birthday (well, as nobody gave me any present, I decided to buy one for myself). And there is also square gold ring with Colombian emerald and 14 small pieces Belgian cut diamond bought at Diamond Industries, Grand Plaza Park Royal in KL few years back. The blue sapphire ring was bought two years ago in Johor Bahru, and I spent so much money for this one, few thousands Ringgit infact, an unncessary spending though, and there's a story behind the purchasing (am I being hipnotised at that time? not really sure...). Lastly, my all time favourite macho masculine silver bracelet, Italian design but bought in JB. Next entry will be on shoes..... Happy Weekend All!!