Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baju Biru Tali Leher Merah

Almost a year now (by end of this month) since I left the previous Company in my homestate. It was my first interview and my first job since I graduated from UiTM in December 1999. I vividly remember that lucky day, a week after my final exam in Uni, somebody from that Company phoned requesting me to come for an interview in JB the day after (I was still in KL at that time). I rushed back to JB without thinking twice or so whether I should settle down again in JB after so many years ramblings in KL. It was bright and humid Wednesday afternoon, I wore a cotton mixed wool blue long sleeve shirt tailored by Sparkmanshop, a red with yellow and green small patterned Givenchy’s silk necktie matched with black trousers. The CEO himself interviewed me accompanied by the Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication (Marcom). I’m not really sure why the Marcom and not IT representative was present, as I was applying for an IT post in the Company. I was so bold to ask the CEO why is the Head of Marcom and where is the IT’s! He explained that both of them just finished a discussion and invited him to join for the interview.

After nearly 20 minutes of serious conversation and 'diplomacy', the Marcom guy insisted me to join his department, he said that I will be a very good bet for his expanding forces, I have the qualities and skills to be in the pool. I paused for a few seconds, told to myself “I’m not good in doing marketing, no good in selling things, I don’t want to sell anything, I just want to practise my IT skills”, he was like convincing me really hard to accept his offer, and I replied with big NO! Even with that big NO he still giving me chances to reconsider his offer if things not in my favour in IT department. I’m so confident that I will get the IT job albeit the ‘negative’ attitude showed toward the Marcom guy. An hour later I already arrived at home, and to my amazement, mum told me that somebody from the Company called and ask me to report duty tomorrow. What? That soon? Are they trying to pull my leg? Me still in the state of pleasant shock, grabbed my mum’s hand and give her a deep tender kiss.

After five 'colourful' years serving to the Company, I’ve made a decision to move forward and go somewhere - to expand my horizon. This was my first job application and first interview since I joined the ex-Company more than 5 years ago. This time around……again I can see the bright twinkling stars above me. I got through the stringent interview and here I am in North Borneo, serving the other Company since end last year.


Ada rakan-rakan yang bertanyakan apa ‘resepi’ untuk murah rezeki. Pada aku mudah saja, kita tanya diri kita dulu, apa niat kita untuk bekerja, adakah kita ikhlas bekerja? Kita bekerja untuk siapa dan apa? Dan ke mana perginya wang gaji kita, bagaimana kita membelanjakannya dan untuk siapa. Setiap kali kita melakukan kerja perlu ada keikhlasan, niat di dalam hati kita lakukan semua kerja itu dengan ikhlas. Niat itu penting, selalulah berniat apa sahaja yang kita lakukan adalah kerana Allah, pergi kerja juga satu ibadah, niat dalam diri sebelum kita keluar bekerja. Rajinlah bersedekah, walaupun sedikit atau yang termampu, jangan berhenti bersedekah. Sedekah ni boleh wujud dalam banyak bentuk, orang lain tak perlu tahu ke mana kita bersedekah dan berapa banyak jumlah kita bersedekah. Paling mudah kita juga boleh bersedekah kepada keluarga kita sendiri, niat dalam hati apa yang kita beri itu dianggap sedekah. Jangan ada hasad dengki dengan rakan-rakan sekerja, jangan sesekali menabur fitnah dan menghasut. Setiap kali dapat bonus atau increment gaji, pasti banyak suara-suara sumbang kedengaran. Si Polan tu kerja tak bagus, tapi dapat bonus banyak, naik gaji, naik pangkat sebab dia kipas bos. Kita mesti ingat, rezeki itu datang dari Alllah, anggaplah yang si Polan itu murah rezeki, dah memang rezeki dia ditentukan sebegitu. Apa yang perlu kita buat? Kerja bersungguh-sungguh, komited pada majikan dan tawakkal kepada Allah.


Anonymous said...

well.. how should I say.. happy anniversary, maybe? Anyway.. life is surely good for you, and I hope so. All the best with the current job.


blackpurple said...

Setuju. Yang penting keberkatan. Kalau pendapatan lumayan tak berkat pun tak akan ke mana akhirnya...

*Rindu nak makan gaji semula... tak pening kepala...*