Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tuesday Lunch: Cook With Heart & Soul

Tuesday Lunch

This is a typical Malay-Malaysian cooking or foods normally serves during lunch or dinner. I learnt the Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi (chicken in thick coconut milk and bird's eye chilli) recipe from my beloved mother and Sambal Belacan from my dearest father. The tofu is more to Chinese Sechuan recipe. From Left to Right:

1. Tofu with dried salted horse radish (lobak). Steam the tofu, then fried until golden brown. Topping: shallot, chopped red chillies and garlic, dried minced salted 'lobak', oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce sauted in extra virgin olive oil.

2. Chicken in thick coconut milk and bird's eye chilli. Paste: Onion, ginger, garlic, lemon grass, green bird's eye chillies. Saute the paste, add some tamarind juice, put in chicken and pour in coconut milk. Add some fresh potatoes and tomatoes.

3. Long beans and dried prawns. Saute some sliced red onions, garlic and dried prawns in vegetable oil. Add the long green beans, stir well and close the lid. Put in some rice vermicelli.

4. Fried mackarell. Seasoning: Tumeric powder, chilli powder, grounded blackpepper and salt.

5. Sambal belacan (shrimp paste and bird's eye chilli in calamansi juice) and dried salted fish.

Hot and windy Tuesday. It's a public holiday, to commemorate Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Lunch at my house, seated on a 'tikar mengkuang' (hand woven pandan leaves mat) bought in Melaka. Attendees: Fedellia, Rollie, Yeoh Amoi, Tariq, Helmi, Yusri, Adlan, Faizal, Madi and myself. Dessert was fresh water melon and sweet pineapple, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice cream, on a Belgium carpet at the corridor.


Ross said...

Dengar about the story kehadiran seseorg di Miri. Seseorg yg bekerja di sebuah bank di Kuantan...sedihnyer dan simpati dari saya...Hai...nasib nasib. Tapi nasib tak menyebelahi has to go on

Rush Murad said...

Hadis Uqbah bin Amir r.a katanya:
Wahai Rasulullah! Engkau mengutuskan kami, lalu kami pergi kepada suatu kaum, tetapi mereka tidak melayani kami, apa pendapat mu? Rasulullah s.a.w menjawab dengan bersabda kepada kami: Sekiranya kamu pergi kepada suatu kaum, lalu mereka melayan kamu sebagaimana yang sepatutnya dilakukan terhadap tetamu, maka terimalah. Sekiranya mereka tidak melakukannya, maka kamu berhak menuntut daripada mereka hak tetamu yang diwajibkan ke atas mereka

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