Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Slippery Senorita's Conversations

Slippery Senoritas

Another great dinner last night! This time I’m headed to a newly opened Slippery Senoritas, a totally adorable, renovated in Spanish style deco fine dining restaurant in the middle…of nowhere. They serve western cuisines, typical Italian cuisines and fine wines. We were seated at the back Parlor. It was simply charming with artistic flower motif chandelier, huge Greek pillar, an Italian marble fountain and Gypsy King’s songs!. I badly in need of brewed coffee, unfortunately they dont serve coffee at the moment (the machine hasn't arrived). So I opted for sky juice instead, Wild Mushroom Cream Soup as the starter and Stuffed Lamb with caramelized red wine sauce and the rest are having so many things with Italian names on it.

We talked about our travel experiences and me ended-up by telling them my own bad experience while travelling from Bali to Surabaya by bus. It was in 2003 when our tourist bus thumped by a tanker. The spurt coils from the passenger seats, the lying corpses, the Korean ambulance, the first class hospital in Surabaya, the ripped anuses and balls, the cuckoos friends and the abrasive interrogation at the airport.

I still need to drink some coffee tonight, so some of us landed at Al-Fresco. I drank 2 big glasses of hot Café latte, the coffee are so invigorating and délicieux. And we continue to chat on so many topics, especially on sex orientation and practices. Rollie and Noni were talking about Brokeback Mountain’s picturesque but sympathetic (pathetic?) characters (especially the attractive sin-doer hubbies). Fedellia is still talking about the ‘ spurted coil’ incident and the ripped anuses in Bali, Anwar with his plan trip to Cape Town and Eastern Europe. Faizal seems interested to join for the September’s Bali trip. I indulge in my own world with my hard to find Malboro light menthol cigarettes and Café Latte and keep posting questions to Sylvia and Rollie ‘what to do in Bario?’ Any campfire? Any sheep? Any river with clear water for fishing? Any horse riding activity? Any Kelabit cowboy around???


Asmadi said...

sedap betulaaa makanan kat sana!!

catatonic said...

the coil story gives me nightmares!

Rush Murad said...

its really happened! the spurted coil = ripped anus and balls!

Smoke said...

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