Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Soothing Ruffedge & Sensual Me

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Last month I've the opportunity to attend and assist in Tunku Atiah's birthday preparation on request from her grandmother, HRH Tunku 'S'. They invited Malaysia's top R&B, soul and hip-hop vocal group - Ruffedge (click to go to Ruffedge official website) to entertain the guests with their soothing and harmonised voices. They dazzled the crowd with pulsating and spirit-soaring tunes from their new album. They also injected soul into familiar tunes to make them sound more magical especially hits popularised by Black Dog Bone back in the 80s. They even had disco session which I've (and most of the guests) been waiting for.
The pic above taken right after the grand scale birthday bash at Grand Straits Garden Restaurant, Johor Bahru. The maroon coloured stripe shirt guy standing on the far right is the latest member of the Ruffedge, he introduced himself as 'Tepak Sireh' - "Voice from the pond"........

Monday, December 05, 2005

Look! Who's Singing....

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It was surprising Rhoni! He sang some 'hot & spicy' Dangdut's songs during the wedding of my friend's brother at Chismosa. He eventually succeded in persuading the crowds to 'goyang dagdigdug' and makes everybody shakes their body. 3 songs of Dangdut seems not enough but it has been very late and I ended being sweating and exhausting. Can't imagine that Malaysians still appreciate and enjoy the Dangdut's rhythm. The pic shows Rhoni doing the karaoke on one of the Dangdut song surrounded by his 'fans' and the bridegroom as well.

Before the karaoke session started, the guests was mesmerised by the 'Samrah', a type of Arab dance accompanied by traditional Arab music. The bridegroom is a local Arab mixed but the ceremony more to the Malay tradition - fascinating culture!

Happy Birthday Guys!!!

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I was so proud of myself for actually writing again after so long. It has been an ages!!! I've uploaded a bunch of interesting and memorable photos in to be displayed in the blog but it went 'dried-up' in the process due to well known reason.... LAZINESS!!!

This pic was taken sometime last weekend at my place on the occasion of Rhoni, Kelvin, Jas, Amat and Rosli's birthday - The Sagitarians. The venue was initially held at Rosli's house but due to some 'technical' difficulty, it has been moved to my home, just across the road. Maka segala Dayang-dayang berpusu-pusu menjunjung, menggalas, mengangkat, mengendong, menjinjing segala kelengkapan keramaian, pinggang mangkuk, periuk belanga yang berisi segala macam makanan dan hidangan yang begitu lazat tidak terperi. A simple and decent party I would say as nobody get drunk and fucked

We also wishes good luck and bon voyage to Din 'Utih' as he will take up a new job in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia before end of the month. The party ended when Rosli suddenly snoozed off on the wing chair - thats about 3am!