Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Indonesian Cultural Night 2005

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Again another busy weekend for me. On Saturday night I've been invited by HRH Tunku 'S' to accompany her for a casual dinner at Pan Pacific Hotel. I asked Rhon to come along as there will be another 2 ladies joining the dinner. We proceed to Chismosa after the dinner for another round of drinks and karaoke until 2am. The next day I have to go for lecture at the College. I managed to snooze for 1 hour before attending the Malam Kesenian Indonesia 2005 organised by Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia in Johor Bahru on Sunday night with some friends. The show went very well, especially the Keroncong, Gamelan and the Tari Jaipong. The Tari Pendet, a dance from Bali Island acted as a welcome dance. Tari Kupu-Kupu performed by Tunku Atia, my friend's daughter, Gusti Raden Adjeng Putri 'A' reflects the gracefullness of a butterfly. They also showcased Tari Sekar Putri, Tari Klono Topeng from Jogja, Pencak Silat, Tari Merak, Tari Putri Cino Kelasworo and choir by students of Universitas Siliwangi Tasik Malaya. I never thought that the keroncong group is local as they performed and accompanied the Indonesian singers so good and professionally. We ended the night at Hyatt Hotel for some teas and coffees.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Singapore in 30 minutes.

Arab Street Singapore
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I went to Singapore on last Saturday to meet my Indonesian friends who arrives from Jakarta. This is my 12th visit to Singapore this year. Well, its only took me 30 minutes from my office to Arab St. in Singapore. I met my Singaporean friend - Mohammad AlSagoff for a cup of tea while waiting for them to arrive. We always hang out at this particular area because its convenience for both of us and the atmosphere is lively. This used to be one of the earliest Arabs settlement area in Singapore. You can still found Arab descendants (like Mohammad himself) around the area, doing tradings and businesses. The photo is the Sultan's Mosque with shop houses on the right and left selling souvenirs. I purposely took the photo from this perspective so that one can capture most of the surrounding colourful scenery.

Friday, August 05, 2005

My Latest Album Collection - "IL DIVO"

Il Divo
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I was listening to a radio while driving back to home from the office and suddenly strucked by this divine voices - IL DIVO, and rushed to the nearby music store to get the album. Here you are, 4 gorgeous model looks men with beautiful powerful voices. All these while I've been listening to classical tenors and baritones like Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Andrea Bocelli with images of pot-bellied middle-aged men. Imagine then a group of four male classical singers with looks fit to grace the cover of GQ and a repertoire that ranges from classical opera to contemporary pop tunes – surely an irresistible package destined for chart domination? 'A Mi Manera' or My Way (one of my ever favourite song), they sang it so passionately and beautiful, whilst 'Regressa Mi' or Unbreak My Heart makes me so emotional and I even drops my tears. Happy weekend all, another busy weekend for me.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Puisi: Di Sudut Bandara Adi Sucipto

Di sudut Bandara itu
Aku cuba mengimbas kenangan indah
Mengutip sejarah Kraton
Dan melerai kesibukan Malioboro

Di sudut Bandara itu
Ada sepasang mata memerhati
Penuh tanda tanya dalam hati
bertentang mata, namun tanpa bicara
bertukar senyum, namun tanpa mesra
Ada yang menarik, buatku tertarik

Salam pun bersambut
Kehangatan persahabatan mulai terbit
Tetapi sebentar cuma
Entah bila akan bersua semula
Memadu rasa menyulam kalbu

Dalam hujan renyai-renyai
Kota Jogja mula ku tinggalkan
Seribu kenangan ku bawa bersama
Sejuta harapan ku simpan mesra
Khas buat Dr. Ado
21 JANUARY 2005