Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Guys!!!

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I was so proud of myself for actually writing again after so long. It has been an ages!!! I've uploaded a bunch of interesting and memorable photos in to be displayed in the blog but it went 'dried-up' in the process due to well known reason.... LAZINESS!!!

This pic was taken sometime last weekend at my place on the occasion of Rhoni, Kelvin, Jas, Amat and Rosli's birthday - The Sagitarians. The venue was initially held at Rosli's house but due to some 'technical' difficulty, it has been moved to my home, just across the road. Maka segala Dayang-dayang berpusu-pusu menjunjung, menggalas, mengangkat, mengendong, menjinjing segala kelengkapan keramaian, pinggang mangkuk, periuk belanga yang berisi segala macam makanan dan hidangan yang begitu lazat tidak terperi. A simple and decent party I would say as nobody get drunk and fucked

We also wishes good luck and bon voyage to Din 'Utih' as he will take up a new job in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia before end of the month. The party ended when Rosli suddenly snoozed off on the wing chair - thats about 3am!

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