Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Laughs On A Boring Night


Last night I was so bored and suddenly remembered that a friend of mine slipped a DVD into my briefcase on my way to parking lot. The movie called "Connie and Carla". This film stars Nia Vardalos and Toni Collete, featuring David Duchovny and an over-the-top caricatured "closer cameo" from Debbie Reynolds.
Nia Vardalos held the audience captive throughout the entire film with her remarkably courageous ability to make something as unbelievable as "Connie and Carla", believable. There is not a camera made that does not feast on Nia, whether she's the homely character in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", or the attractive romantic interest in this film.
This film is positioned as a light hearted musical comedy and targetted at the Will and Grace demographic. We don't expect much more from this movie than we would from a sitcom, except to be entertained. Nia does a great job in this film. Her characterization of "Connie" is brilliant and believable. Her heart is pure and her love and confidence in herself is infectious. Toni Collett was a very effective comedic foil and the two played each scene as if they understood exactly what the audience wanted.

Debbie Reynolds, who showed up in the film at the end, inserted as a kind of "deus ex machina", kicks the action up a notch and holds our attention til the very end. Im so happy at the end with the way the story comes together (especially the kissing part between Nia and David). There it goes my boring night into the drain!!!


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Rush Murad said...

thanx dude, will visit urs soon.

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rob said...

"Connie + Carla"!?! surely just a rip-off of Wilder's classic "Some Like It Hot"

Artful Badger said...

Thanks. Hmm..Malaysian. Went there a while back.

puckbuff13 said...

Hey...thanks for the comment on my blog. I think I am still trying to figure out exactly what I am doing. I went to uni with a girl from Malaysia. I understand it is a beautiful place. Well since I should comment on your entry while I am here, I'd have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this movie as well. Take care.

So FL Gal said...

Hey there! I enjoyed that movie, too. I love anything campy! You saw Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, right?
I've told my partner I want to go to Sri Lanka.. But, that is so far away. Ever been there?

We just settled in and watched Wedding Crashers. That was funny also.
love movies.