Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Singapore in 30 minutes.

Arab Street Singapore
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I went to Singapore on last Saturday to meet my Indonesian friends who arrives from Jakarta. This is my 12th visit to Singapore this year. Well, its only took me 30 minutes from my office to Arab St. in Singapore. I met my Singaporean friend - Mohammad AlSagoff for a cup of tea while waiting for them to arrive. We always hang out at this particular area because its convenience for both of us and the atmosphere is lively. This used to be one of the earliest Arabs settlement area in Singapore. You can still found Arab descendants (like Mohammad himself) around the area, doing tradings and businesses. The photo is the Sultan's Mosque with shop houses on the right and left selling souvenirs. I purposely took the photo from this perspective so that one can capture most of the surrounding colourful scenery.


Anonymous said...

rush, would like to catch-up with u again in singapore. peace dude!

bitiqe said...

tunggu aku yaaa...hehehe...
where ur chatbox goes to anyway? u change it?

khairyn said...

Hi! Salam,

Thanks for dropping by.
Been to Singapore a few times. In fact my paspot memang penuh dgn cop republic ni. Most of the time sbb work. Once I brought my friend jln2 ke sana and my slipar putus dpn MRT. How convenient! :-)