Thursday, July 14, 2005

Indonesian Queer Film - Arisan

Arisan Film
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I read an article from the website 2 years ago about this controversial and most talked about (among the queer especially) film in Jakarta and so excited to watch them. I managed to buy the vcd from a street monger by luck. It is a valuable contribution to the world of Indonesian cinema, ARISAN! is the second film from acclaimed director Nia Di Nata. Focusing on a group of friends who live the high life in Jakarta, ARISAN! illustrates how their lives aren't quite as great as they may seem. Puppy-faced Sakti is a successful young architect, desperate to keep his homosexuality hidden from his domineering mother and his gal-pals Meimei and Andien--especially when he finds himself in a romance with movie producer Nino. Things hot up as Sakti enters into a relationship, with Di Nata steering the film into a sympathetic and realistic portrait of what it means to be gay in Indonesia at the turn of the 21st century. Very challenging and successfull I would say for a queer movie to be premiered in a world's largest Muslim community.


Adrian said...

Sounds HECTIC! Looks like a good movie.

Interesting Blog, and thanks for visiting earlier!

afumado said...

i like this movie. so funny. great ide also gud angle in camera with some great actor n actrees.